President Lin Jianchao Chinese weiqi association line to our hospital visits

2018-07-22 05:45

The afternoon of July 18th, President Lin Jianchao Chinese Weiqi Association, Lin Yanqin, vice mayor of Rizhao City Sports Bureau Chief Meng Fanxiang line to visit our hospital. Yi Hui, vice president, chairman of the collective he accompanied the expedition.

Lin Jianchao first visited the campus, fully affirmed in our beautiful campus environment and perfect infrastructure construction. along with Later, they came to the stadium to watch the school is being organized by the "Shandong foreign language Career Academy Cup 2018 Chinese gymnastics competition.

The forum will be held in the administration building on the third floor conference room. Lin Jianchao watched college propaganda, a preliminary understanding of the basic situation and characteristics of college. Yi Hui said at the forum, the international requirements for the development of domestic sport trend and sunshine "rich tourism city" strategy, the college will strengthen exchanges and China weiqi association.

[introduction] Lin Jianchao

Chinese people's Liberation Army General Staff Office Director, vice chairman of China weiqi association.

Lin Jianchao is fond of chess and have profound insights. 1979 border self-defense operations, Lin Jianchao was more than 20 years old. Between battles, officers and men playing chess, find a military map, on the back with a ruler on the nineteen aspect as the board, not from the pawn, pick the biggest health pills - two bottles of Wei Shuping, which will be a bottle of ink dyed black, with two tweezers to play chess, care or crush. In the view of Lin Jianchao go, full of gunpowder. The board is full of latitude, like chess star, through the grain scale, go is war.

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