Shenzhen mountaineer Zhang Liangcheng the first to complete the "14+7+2" Chinese!

2018-06-16 02:06

Beijing Time 9:30 on June 8th, Shenzhen mountain Zhang Liang's successful ascent of Denali in North America peak peak, became the first to complete the "14+7+2" (the top all over the world 14 seat 8000 meters above the summit and the 7 seat Seven Summits, and the way of exploration Ski on foot Arrived in the north and south poles) the human mountaineering expedition ultimate dream Chinese, is following The Republic of Korea People enjoy the world park to accomplish this feat second.
In May 22nd, Zhang Liang set out from Shenzhen, through Beijing to U.S.A California Anchorage Alaska, May 25th to Tucker Tina town. Zhang Liang officially into the mountains on May 27th, 12 days after a long climb, overcome the difficult environment and physical and mental tests, the ultimate success of the summit. Zhang Liang yesterday said: "every day down dozens of kilograms of super strength and heavy weight dragging sled long distance transportation March, elevation four thousand meters...... All these make me unforgettable. In support of the Agricultural Bank China leaders and colleagues, friends and family in a lot of encouragement, 18 years to pay, hardships, difficulties, a close call, I finally completed the '14+7+2' dream."
2000, Zhang Liang from the jade Mount Everest Start. Officially climb mountains. When the altitude reaction is very powerful, has vowed never to climb the mountain. But second years on the Muztagata, then get out of hand. In September 2004 the summit of the first 8000 meters above the peak of oyu, after 14 years, more than 8000 meters he reached over 20 times, completed the top 14 all 8000 meters peak, almost a year of a 8000 meters above the peak speed. Experienced during the serious mountain avalanche, four times, six times to the death of his teammates halfway up the summit, with death many times passing.
In addition, Zhang Liang in December 2005 7 days on foot ski 120 kilometers to South Pole, and in May 2008 20 days on foot ski 600 kilometers to reach the North pole. In October 2013 the summit of Kilimanjaro Africa's highest peak (5895 meters), the highest peak in December 2015 the summit of South American Aconcagua (6962 meters), the September 2016 European summit ELBRUS (5642 meters), in January 2017 the summit of Mount Vinson in Antarctica peak (5140 meters), the March 2017 Oceania summit the peak Puncak (4884 m). With the ascent of Denali in North America peak peak (6193 meters), Zhang Liang officially completed his dream of "14+7+2".
And Zhang Liang together to complete this series feat, Sherpa is meticulous G, G is also stated in this year and the static snow together completed 13 8000 meters to climb the peak of the sherpas. They first worked together in 2009 2013 with the ascent of manaslu, the Kanchenjunga, 2015 Anna purna I peak, 2016, Shu Bloom peak and K22017 in Nanga Parbat.
Zhang Liang the complete climb Denali in North America peak peak, although the sea level is not high, but compared with some difficulty climbing 8000 meters peak is ifheavier. Climb Denali peak must overcome two major difficulties: one is relatively high, the two is extremely cold weather. From base camp to Denali peak vertical relative height of 4000 meters, more than Mount Everest base camp to the peak height (the top of the Mount Everest is 8848 meters above sea level, at 5360 meters above sea level), climbing route is more long and complex, several camps between sea level rise greatly. Because of the 2/3 mountain snow, from No. three to the camp, you must use the Crampons and Axe High latitude;, adjacent to the Arctic Circle, bad weather, extreme winds and low temperature swim, although the peak is only 6194 meters, but the scene around like the Arctic, even in the summer, the mountain temperature may be reduced to -35 ~ C, the winter air temperature to -50 degrees C, sometimes the wind speed up to 160 per hour km. The oxygen content is lower than the peak of Mount Everest, at an elevation of five thousand meters, the oxygen content is only 42% of the sea level. The mountain is often shrouded in heavy fog, the mountain was covered in ice layers, numerous glaciers arranged in a crisscross pattern if temporarily slipped and fell into the ice cracks, may stay in the mountains. In this case, the climbers also need to load hundreds of pounds of equipment and food on these climbers on physical and mental have a high demand.
The climb into the mountains, Zhang Liang officially on May 27th, 12 days after the long climb, climb the peak climbing along the Denali to overcome the difficult and dangerous, the ultimate success of the summit, let the five-star red flag proudly at the peak of North America, Denali peak which is fluttering in the wind.
Zhang Liang said: I was a sensible climber, during the climb I always tell myself to stay awake, especially in the process of climbing high altitude, willpower, psychological quality, attitude, and life experience, Weirenchushi, team spirit, ability...... The last is the physical quality, these are indispensable, is a prerequisite for the ultimate challenge. Life, vegetation, how to live a more exciting, more meaningful, more quality is the most important. So, I would rather live 60 years live 100 years old, is not willing to mediocrity. "There is nothing to fear," Zhang beam over the hearts of the mountain, a summit peak, with the five-star red flag flying in the peak of the world on his feet.

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