[2017 New Star Art Award finalists artist] Wu Jiaru

2017-12-16 03:27

This small series to introduce the artist is a cool female artist, said that an artist's work will be mixed with the artist's temperament and taste, let us like reading a book together as a read out of the ordinary artist and her special works!


Jia-Ju Wu

Wu Jia Ru

"At least now"

Category: comprehensive art

I am keen to explore in the context of contemporary art popular technology and traditional media boundary, to participate in the discussion of historical events and social phenomena through the device, image, sound, painting and writing, is committed to negotiations with the wrestling to trigger about technology and author, people and the environment, the virtual world and the subject matter. The research topic mainly involves psychology, mysticism, theoretical physics and deconstruction, etc..

Born in Guangdong in 1991, now living in Hongkong.

2014 graduated from Tsinghua University, majoring in art and english;

17 years of master's degree from City University Hong Kong School of creative media.

Wu Jiaru has been involved in the exhibition include "happily ever after" (Hongkong, point Gallery, 2017)

According to the "other" is oriented (Hongkong, Osage art foundation, 2017)

"Utopia" (Beijing Ullens Center for contemporary art, 2016)

"On the road Chinese young artists nominated exhibition cum youth critics Forum (Shenzhen, GuanShanYue Art Museum, 2015).

His works have been collected by Shenzhen Museum OCT.


The New Star Art Prize

As a young artist auditions platform for eighth years, the New Star Art Prize with the relatively real and sincere to academic respect to non market oriented academic strength focus on art, art, art to promote discussion. Because of its relative independence, to bring more artistic creativity in academic and energetic. In the choice of the artist, the new stars are not confined to any one "genre", with rich and vivid greatly, is an important China contemporary young artists award ecological and creative face, but also to observe China in the context of contemporary art ecology "sample".


2017 "new stars Festival" gorgeous "New Star Art Prize", the award set is an incentive for artists. This year, we received from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, The China Academy of Art, Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Sichuan Fine Art Institute, Academy of fine arts outstanding young teachers and students enrollment, as well as from the southwest, northeast, along the Yangtze River region and other art young artists are encouraged to register, a total of more than 1700 participants, a total of more than 5000 pieces of works. Congratulations to the following 100 finalists in the number of applicants artist talent shows itself!

陈俏汐、20万小组、GJM小组、蔡远河、陈丹笛子、陈锦潮、陈苗、陈竹、崔叶子、崔译、邓玉峰、董健、段官来、段倩文、范学超、方迪、冯瀚平、冯晓峰、高文謙、耿雪、耿雪、古师承、韩沁、韩易非、贺晓春、胡帅、胡水樑、黄文亚、江夏然、柯佳敏、雷徕、李超、李睿璟、李星开、李逸婷、林仪、刘豪格、刘力宁、刘茜懿、刘莎、刘斯博、刘夷、栾佳齐、吕小帅、孟祥龙、牛广超、裴丽、刘志成、秦天、邱倩雯、邱文青、任伦、石冰、石若宜、宋兮、宋昱霖、谭荔洁、陶都罕、童文敏、王付、王维思、王香力、王旭、王彦鑫、王燕宁、王宇峰、王震宇、吴碧琳、吴佳丰、吴佳儒、吴彦臻、武琼、夏维伦、项建恒、肖映河、许丹青、杨方伟、杨亮、姚瑶、余安、余都、月台、张晟瑜、张潇月、张彦峰、赵建成、赵小伟、赵宇、郑新皓、周广能、朱仲鱼、李末、 Qiu Huadan, Wang Chao, Zhang Yue, Cao Liang, Huang Qin, Guo Qiang, Cong Wei, Lan Chi (in alphabetical order)

The eighth Yijia new life Star Art Prize

The8th New Star Art Award

Theme: the form of thought

Forms as Thoughts

Art Director: Lv Peng

Curator: Wang Chunchen

The curatorial Review Committee: Wang Chunchen, Hu Bin, Li Guohua,

Liao Liao, Song Zhenxi, Lan Qingwei, Zheng Wen

Extension: 2017.12.31-2018.1.30

Exhibition hall: Public Space Art Museum, Durkee New Star Gallery, Deji Plaza

Address: Nanjing Xinjiekou Deji Plaza

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