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2017-11-17 06:31

I do not know how to worry about Baba Mama for the baby to choose books? 2017 Chen Bochui International Children's literature award winning books to!

After months of selection, in the 133 article, send 68 works selected text book and 288 picture books, select the "book of the Year Award (text)" 5 "(picture book); book of the year award" and the 5 "single works award" 5 . "The dream is the life of the light", "children's eyes" "auspicious" Ribbon "time" "what is this? "Lazy" to lie down, looking at the sky "and other Chinese and foreign children's book award. Look at the award-winning children's books point below introduced ~

Special Contribution Award

Wang Hailan (UK)

Chinese contemporary children's literature and promote the translator

The writer of the Year Award

Qin Wenjun (Chinese)

Editor, writer, vice president of Shanghai Writers Association

The annual award
Book of the Year Award (text)

"The dream is the life of the light"

Author: Shu Huibo, children's Publishing House

Book Description: This is a non fiction works of children's literature is concerned, a special group of children in their childhood, they or left-behind children, or have experienced family tragedies, or have serious illness...... About the growth of such a special group of children for ten years, to depict the ordinary people in the dream shining, struggling to legend".

"Children's eyes"

Author: Huang Beijia, Jiangsu Phoenix children's Publishing House

The book introduced: works describing the last century in 70s, the Soviet Union in the town of "Ren Zi Xiang" in a group of children's story. In the works of Ma Xiaowu, a white haired, bud, Wei Wei, South, north, big girl, two girl, lived a poor childhood in that long accumulation of "Ren Zi Xiang", but their minds and hearts, and parents, has experienced vast social life baptism. They gradually grew up, "Ren Xiang word" unforgettable childhood forever engraved in the "children's eyes".

"The city school boys and girls: remember those things"

Author: Xiao Ping, Zhejiang literature and Art Publishing House

The book introduced: "the city school boys and girls to remember those things" is the "city school record" one of the. Li Muyang's head is filled with strange ideas: small deep space coordinates, two-dimensional space...... he and mom between along the way is also very interesting, sometimes is full of warmth "and fat boy", sometimes love to kill the other argument". However, the mother is always a strong backing to the city, she is not in the middle of mediation, the war between boys and girls can be triggered at any moment!

"Buffalo town postman"

Author: Guo Jiangyan, children's Publishing House

Book Introduction: this book tells the story of an orphan Arlo, with his kind, to win the trust and respect of the town residents, become an excellent postman, and use their own strength, to save face flooding of the town, town residents and residents of the forest to resolve grievances, to help each other, become a harmony family.

The "auspicious time"

Author: Zhang Zhilu, the Writers Publishing House

This book describes the book: 1948 to 1957 Beijing auspicious boy's childhood, with eyes children before and after the establishment of new China society. In this somewhat stubborn little boy's eyes, the world is so rich, complex and rich texture.

Book of the Year Award (picture book)

"Ribbon" (France)

Author: Adrian Parent painted text, hot press, Alban Michel children

Book Description: this book from the corner of the spine below a vertical yellow ribbons - this is a singular use of bookmarks. The reader every open a page in a concept, and this concept must be combined with this ribbon from the vision to be realized, which is the core of this ribbon illustration in imaginative elements.

"What is this? "(United States)

The text author, illustrator: Carson Ellis, candlewick press

The book introduced: "what is this? "Is the second picture book young American author and illustrator Carson Ellis's high-profile. The pages like a scene of a dramatic scene, exquisite insects took turns on stage, with mysterious language talk in front of the continuous long long green thing. This is a beautiful picture, is a natural change, and profound fables, so it is all this, interdependent world.

"Walking with the wind" (China)

The text author, illustrator: Xiong, Tianjin people's Publishing House

The book introduced: Creative writing from the Warring States period of Song Yu's "wind Fu", the text of the "dynamic" potential of the perspective of children re adaptation, with the image the "wind" as the theme of visual. Each picture in the page containing static, coherent and progressive. The whole book of echo, static and dynamic dependencies, and there is no lack of details, childlike, go. It is a poetic trait China picture.

"Lazily lie down, looking at the sky" (Poland)

The text author, illustrator: Ursula Parusenska, sister Publishing House

The book introduced: through a modern, strong sense of the picture drawing technique, the author demonstrates the summer lazy to get around the picture to us, and leave the reader with the open window, allowing them to add their own world in the picture, so the picture becomes complete.

"Under the eaves of the Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits" (Chinese)

Text author: Zheng Chunhua; illustrator: Zhu Chengliang, Children press

The book introduced: Laba Festival is a traditional festival Chinese. The author take a wounded swallow perspective about the fat is neither a festival of. The painter used up, looking down, head up from different angles of view and vision combined with close range of composition, will be the harmony between man and animal, nature good has come out. The story of warmth, full color, peaceful atmosphere.

Single award

"A biography" on the front

Author: tonging, published in the "children's Literature" in 2016 eighth

The works with teeth as the protagonist of the story, do not see more in the fairy tales. The tooth became vivid and true to life characters in the author. The relationship between the teeth, lips, tongue and people is very natural, accords with physical characteristics, and has the attribute. It is important that the author by the story, the life experience, experience, feelings, joys and sorrows of life and death, most incisive display. This is a story of teeth, it is a story of life.

"Bird with flowers"

Author: Ma Zao three, published in the "Youth Literature" 2016 first

The novel tells the story of a body in the quiet temple, but not brilliant, childlike isolated between the little monk and peers eager to communicate with people's life story, let the reader see unruly young life and humanity in childhood, bright and dream.

"What are some mountain"

Author: Wan Xiufen, the Mandarin Daily News published in December 2016

This paper introduces in this paper The adventure is full of uncertainty, a sea cat, Wushan, sauce grandma, novelty image, childlike; lost, melancholy mailbox double symbol, too wonderful for words.

"Big fish"

Author: Qi Zhi, published in the "Youth Literature" 2016 eleventh

The works through the bright and warm Jiangnan life style, to write a real, natural and elusive childhood life state. A child looking for a big fish. And find a free life free, refused to give the life attitude, and childlike curiosity and desire, the flow of life and changeable, world wide and multiple, with children, to pursue big miss, protection and re discovery, to be carried out and present.

"The wild bee"

Author: Gu Shu, "children's Literature" published in 2016 fifth.

The relationship between the work pieces and the image in the novel of the same name to link up the boys and girls, and the teacher's emotion and friendship, jumping, ellipsis, blank, everywhere, but not the whole story in advance seem to break the non broken music melody, Poxian artistic pursuit and narrative wisdom. Fantasy and reality natural docking, clever fusion of past and present.

Chen Bochui International Prize for children's Literature Introduction

Mr. Chen Bochui is Baoshan District Luodian Town, is China's famous children's writer, translator, publisher and educator.

"Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award" is the predecessor of the "Chen Bochui prize for children's literature". "Chen Bochui's children's Literature Award" was established in 1981, is the first new China literature is named after the famous writer of children's literature award name, is currently China's continuous operation of one of the most literary awards for the longest time and award-winning writer. In order to further expand the influence, so that this award is based on the new platform, make new and greater contribution to promoting the development of Chinese and the world of children's literature, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of press and publication, The people's Government of Shanghai City, Baoshan District, Chen Bochui's children's literature fund Specialized Committee in 2014 three party cooperation, based on the "Chen Bochui prize for children's Literature" organizer "Chen Bochui International Children's literature award, and awards as" Shanghai International Book Exhibition, jointly launched a series of activities related to.

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