The 2017 Italy Siena International Photography Awards, a number of award-winning photographers Chinese!

2017-11-13 12:35

The 2017 annual Italy Siena international photography, announced the winners have been held in Siena Castle awards ceremony on October 28th. 231 prizes in the contest, a total of 20 China photographer successfully gains 25 awards, is the harvest. From Hunan youth photographer Gong Zijie works to "teahouse man" get the youth group first prize, and attended the award ceremony.

The man opened the teahouse by Gong Zijie

Description: an old teahouse in Chinese West, an old man is using an abacus. The teahouse has a history of 100 years, and is also the oldest Chinese abacus calculation tool, it has been for thousands of years. The picture reveals a kind of honest folkway and rich cultural heritage.

Italy Siena International Travel Photography Award from the Siena art photography center launched in 2015, is an open global event photographer. The 2017 tournament organizers received a total of more than 161 countries and regions, nearly 50 thousand photographers submitted entries, the number of very large.

Finally, the American photographer RandyOlson with a picture of America in northern regions of the characteristics of bird works, won the 2017 Siena International Photography Awards photographer of the year, crystal ball trophy and 1500 euros bonus.

2017 photographer of the Year Award

RandyOlson (United States) of sandhill cranes

Description: when nearly 400 thousand cranes in northern Mexico and Siberia to move back and forth, the Platt river became their habitat. At night, the Nebraska prairie Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles., a storm coming, flocks of cranes began landing, ready to spend the night in the Platt River, the photographer to capture this moment.

"Fragile ice" group

The first prize of the sea ice dream (Italy) Roie Galitz

Description: in the eastern part of Spitsbergen bay. The polar bear is lying comfortably in bed on the ice, but with climate warming, sea ice melts, the trust between it and the ice is slowly disappear.

Sports Group

The first British team of Tim Clayton (America)

Description: in the Rio Olympics venues velodrome.

Building & city space group

The first prize of Stuttgart Municipal Library of Hans-Martin Doelz (Germany)

Description: Stuttgart municipal library is the new media art center, a German take years to complete, is one of the world's most beautiful library. The library is the largest museum features no direct lighting, and also use white tone, transparent hollow ring design highlights the open space, and makes people feel warm.

Animal group in the environment

The first attack of Sergey Gorshkov (Russia)

Description: the fox and snow geese confrontation.

The natural beauty of the group

The first prize of the beast James Smart (Australia)

Description: South Dakota is suffering a huge tornado, the clouds seem to swallow the whole city.

Charming face and character group

I won the first prize in this Taborda Joao (Portugal).

Description: Portugal Youth Festival on the scene.

Travel & Adventure group

The first prize of the world at the end of the Alessandra Meniconzi (Switzerland)

Description: the Nenets people living in the Siberia region of Russia Yamal - Nenets autonomous region tribes. Figure is a six year old child Ouerya, she was in the forest and firewood.

Monochrome open group

The first prize of Lviv Jack Savage (UK) of crow

Description: with the post production into cinematic scenes.

Color open group

The first prize of the angry eyes (US) Jonathan Bachman

Description: in the United States to protest the police shooting in black. The focus of the image alignment of the man's eyes, chained man no back room, but the heart of anger and resentment are seen in the eyes, as if the next second will explode.

Part Chinese photographer Award

The beauty of the natural excellence award of Qiusheng Hu Red Army Group (Chinese)

Charming face and character group two prize of Uganda children of Ya Kuang (Chinese)

The sports group of Shengli Zhou (jump award Chinese)

Travel & Adventure Group Award for outstanding people of Gobi by Chuansheng Wang (China)

Black and white group award for excellence in road of Songge Cui (China)

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