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2017-11-13 05:33

China Su master Xu Shiying's son-in-law Pan Liquan in Malaysia Ji Ipoh old town (the old city) founded in Malaysia's first manual dough micro mold art gallery, stunning miniature works to open Chinese paintings, the world heritage and masterpiece such as the theme to the public.

Xu Shiying and daughter Xu Zhongmei and Pan Liquan from Beijing to begin planning and design models since 2008, and from 2011 to 2016 spent 5 years together to make the dough works hand model with multiple stunning, recently arrived in Malaysia for exhibition purposes.

They plan a number of works for incorporation into the world record, such as 17 meters long "riverside", 9.6 meters long "Terracotta Army", "old time", "Beijing five group royal banquet map", Xu Shiying in half a walnut shell in the shape of 100 little people "havoc in heaven". Work is a must, but is expected to break the world record, Malaysia will also become another popular tourist attractions.

Pan Liquan pointed out in an interview, the Museum of art exhibits also include walnut shell micro mold series, as well as a variety of classic masterpiece group works, such as "journey to the west", "outlaws of the marsh" and "a dream of Red Mansions".

He mentioned, all the pieces of dough are handmade by Xu Shiying doll, and he is responsible for shaping the landscape and a variety of props.

He said, "Qingming Festival" is one of the ten major China paintings, they create three-dimensional version of the micro mold is composed of 547 small sculptures, 64 small houses, 82 trees, 23 boats, 18 small carts, 57 small animal and more than 3000 small props, very delicate.

"The five group royal banquet map" of the Qin Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty respectively, Yuan Dynasty and Qing Dynasty 5 dynasties emperor and ministers join the event scene; 5 works from 328 small figures, 7 houses, 2 horses and countless small props, the overall feeling was conceived by the artist and to clean the rendering, which reflect the glory of the palace royal feast celebration.

China sculpture has a long history of traditional folk art, sculpture with flour as the main raw material, add some pigment, with special processing tools with the main author of an ineffectual remedy; a pair of hand can make all kinds of figures in different poses and with different expressions in the performance, especially China traditional drama, folk tales and mythology.

Talk about making dough micro model the challenge, is the completion of data collection, all the best part of the complete combination, then together into the big picture, for example "Tang Zhaoyu banquet map" micro mold design, is the most prosperous Tang Dynasty and the luxury side out as much as possible, even in the palace show the figures the show was the most beautiful wonderful "rebound Pipa", not sloppy.

Pan Liquan said that many people can make micro mold but must take a long life and persistence, and work in the production process has defects, must constantly improve, such as a carriage may be on the 11 until the twelfth, is the most ideal.

The miracle of the miniature Museum of art before the business has been quietly test the water temperature within 3 days 200 people visit. The art museum is located in the kept woman lane near the first floor by B & B, free and open to the public to visit, two building works, each charge 5 ringgit.

Why choose to start the Museum of art in Ipoh? Pan Liquan said Malaysia Chinese and raw material prices but the loan Chinese be roughly the same, making a model of rent is very high, prompting them to set up art initiation Museum in Ipoh.

China culture and sculpture art in Chinese is It is quite common for micro mold, but in other countries, but it can make people interested, so hope that through the establishment of the "miracle of the miniature art museum" (Miniature Wonders Art Gallery), can let more people understand and appreciate the art worthy of portal vein.

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