Italy scholar Zhang Changxiao opened Italy eight City College will preach

2018-02-22 16:31

Zhang Changxiao photo photography.

"Diceva Falcone:" Perch una societ, Vada bene, Si muova nel Progresso Nell esaltazione Dei valori, "della famiglia, dello spirito, del bene, Dell Amicizia, perch prosperi" senza contrasti, per avviarsi Verso UN Domani Migliore, basta Che ognuno faccia IL Suo dovere ".

Changxiao Zhang, seppur Ancora giovanissimo, rappresenta UN esempio di impegno di altissimo profilo professionale. Attraverso La Organizzazione di eventi musicali nel proprio paese Di origine E in ambito Internazionale, Changxiao Zhang ha promosso e TUTT ora promuove IL DIALOGO interculturale "e La conoscenza delle culture Dei diversi paesi Dell Europa e del Mondo", quali strumenti di integrazione e solidariet Tra, ogni Popolo, razza ed etnia, per la comprensione ed IL superamento di ogni diversit, Changxiao ha perseguito e. Zhang tuttora persegue L integrazione e l 'Incontro' tra I POPOLI, per avvicinare tra Loro Le persone appartenenti a stati e/o comunit, differenti cercando, di conciliare e far conoscere reciprocamente Le tradizioni culturali ed artistiche delle varie etnie. In particolare Changxiao Zhang rappresenta UN imprescindibile riferimento per la Diffusione della musica D Autore Italiana in "Cina".

Falcone said that a society is better, because it is making progress in promoting friendship, family, spiritual value, a society's prosperity without contradiction, because the longing for a better tomorrow, as long as everyone is all conscientious.

Zhang Changxiao, although young, but give a person with a good image and, through him at the national and international levels to organize their own musical activities, Zhang Changxiao is always in the promotion of cross-cultural communication and cultural cognition for different countries of Europe and the world, and this is different, people's racial and ethnic harmony, unity and understanding of important means and the differences across.

Zhang Changxiao has been to promote mutual contacts and exchanges, in order to narrow the gap between different countries and different communities of people the distance between each other, he tried to reconcile between different ethnic cultural and artistic traditions, so that they can meet each other clearly. Especially the experience of Zhang Changxiao is an indispensable reference by the Italian singing music in China communication. More importantly, in Chinese, Zhang Changxiao is Italy music spread an authoritative writer and cultural ambassador.

The G.Falcone-P.Borsellino organizing committee

Italy Higher Institute of Comparative Law

The endless reincarnation.

The picture back to 700 years ago. A 17 year old young people in Italy, with his father through the long silk road, after the cold, heat, dust storms, snow, came to the ancient and mysterious oriental world, and into the new world. Several years later, he told his story to listen to the people around. Europeans in the Middle Ages was terrified, they don't believe in God's house, there is such a dazzling civilization and this 700 years later, another young man from the East, with all events occurred during this period has been buried in sand on the ancient Silk Road, carrying his own ideal, a a piano is a pot of wine on the earth, walking alone in the Apennine peninsula. His position as a "cultural messenger", such as that of Zhang Qian's day. In general, between the two ancient civilizations spread their cutting-edge music, art and culture, let Chinese understand Italy, also let Italy and Europe know more Chinese. The dark ages coexist, before this, they also think that eating Corned Beef Pepper is the emperor like life, do not know the true emperor are coriander. Perhaps the young people in Italy would never know the two great civilizations in the accidental time node, wipe out the beautiful spark, although only transient.

In fact, he and 700 years ago that young people in Italy remoteshine, mission two people went and identical. After his feet, it is Marco Polo after the road through the years.

His name is Zhang Changxiao, a young scholar "80".

Five years visited hundreds of well-known Italy music singer songwriter (including Zucchero, Elio, Roberto Vecchioni, Francesco Guccini, Franco battiato, Antonello Venditti, Roby Facchinetti, Giovanni Allevi, Max Gazze, Nek etc..

Planning and nearly 200 concerts in China between the two countries.

In 2018 eight the city will open Italy university lectures (Milan, Venice, Turin, Bologna, Modena, Florence, Rome, Naples), March 7th first visit Italy Milan Bicocca University tells us his Marco Polo music on the road.

Great determination and courage, out of the ordinary! - (Christopher Doyle, international famous photographer Zhang Changxiao) contact has a benefit, he can hear good things, summed up looks good. - (Cui Jian, Chinese rock Godfather)

He used the actual action to build bridges of art exchange, let me think of him and he loved those spiritual writing music, is a completely self practice hero. - (Zhang Chu, China well-known musicians)

I'm surprised he has shown energy. Obviously, he can most probably not in music criticism, but similar to a social activist, an international ambassador of cultural exchange. - (Li Wan, a famous music critic)

- Music appearance of indifference and passionate inside, said at the first impression when long Xiao as my lyrics, bear in life all possible in a relatively heavy commercial atmosphere of music with blood and passion! (Chief Chao - famous music, people)

Perhaps, watching others, just look for a more thorough record; others, more broad minded. - (Li Quan, Chinese well-known pop music)

Say than the sound of singing, watching the long Xiao book I believe. - (Xie Tianxiao, a famous rock singer)

Xiao Long and my first time to chat, is at the capital airport terminal, the time he returned to Italy, then a few months back, in the Beijing pass, only on the phone and chat, then he went abroad, this he wrote the book, write the foreign music to home, write domestic music to abroad, then took everyone to do cross-border exchanges, their long Xiao walked a lot, but also with practical action to let more people go on the international road of music. - (folk singer Su Yang)

"Zhang Changxiao to a specific function of the music scholar" when Zhang Changxiao at the crossroads, after hitting fabbrizio, amazing thing happened. - (Hangzhou day, folk singer)

He made an exciting and Bellisimo work! Bravo! Changxiao. (Roberto, Benigni, Oscar winning director)

Xiao Long makes me feel he can be a dream into reality and magic, he will create some miracle! (Stewart - Copeland, police drummer)

Xiao Long although young, but the amazing energy, his understanding of music beyond my understanding! (Rickie - Lee Jones, American folk singer, two award-winning singer Grammy)

I want to go to Chinese Xiao Long and is perhaps the best choice! He let me know he is a very Chinese culture, adhere to the dream of people! ——(Damian Marley,鲍勃 • 马利之子,知名雷鬼音乐人)

From De Andre to Jovanotti, is a Italy pop music ambassador. (Italy - "Evening Post")

He is so keen on Chinese and Italy composer, even wrote a book, and get a great success in his Chinese compatriots there. The next step is natural: it is with Italy artists to Chinese, and vice versa. Xiao Long is the son of an entrepreneur, he is a very good example, is to rely on passion, desire and determination to become a powerful culture in Chinese on the road, Zhang Changxiao has played an important role. - ("Italy Republic")

European culture, contemporary Marco Polo. Ji'nan annual cultural figures: Zhang Changxiao. 700 years ago, a young man named Marco Polo, let the Romans learned China, 700 years later, a man named Zhang Changxiao Jinan, let Chinese understand Italy, even the whole of Europe have seen a new China. He is the rare most influential foreign pop music scholars, he spread the forefront of music, art and culture between the two great civilizations, known as contemporary music Marco Polo. (2017 - Ji'nan annual cultural figures)

Zhang Changxiao was born in Shandong, Ji'nan, Italy cultural scholars, well-known music critic and curator, an important representative of the music world of small languages. Research directions include: the world languages Chinese pop music, pop music, popular cultural studies, art criticism. The author of "the voice of the" smart "Mediterranean stone" "noble" boots on. Italy evening post is known as "contemporary music Marco Polo". He has long been committed to the promotion of cultural exchanges between China and Italy, has many well-known domestic and international planning musicians such as police band, Cui Jian and Zhang Chu the music concert. Served as the thirty-ninth session of the Italy National Music Awards Premio Tenco Music Award and the 20 session of the Premio Tanco Lunezia runiz-e sub pop music awards jury member, director of the first Italy Chinese Spring festival. In 2015 he won the thirteenth Genoa Benin city planning award. In 2016 won the twenty-first "G.Falcone-P.Borsellino Republic of Italy International Special Contribution Award, the award winners have had the former Prime Minister of Republic of Italy Romano Prodi, Pietro Grasso, President of the Italy Senate Italy piano master Giovanni Allevii distinguished guicai. In 2017 won the "Ji'nan's annual cultural figures" award, the same year in November, due to promotion of Icelandic music, Zhang Changxiao was interviewed by Iceland's president Goode Ni Johannesson at the presidential palace.

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