To do China automotive sector Foxconn? The 2018 interpretation of the new plan

2018-02-07 08:07

From the beginning of February this year, we have brought new interpretation of BYD, Buick plans 2018 + Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Dongfeng brand. In this period, our series of content sixth, jac.


Is still familiar, who is, who is not worthy of such links.


Several car companies from Anhui, in recent years, the days are not better than. A few years ago has been the champion of the Chery car was not first domestic car brand, has been adhering to the more children a good fight strategy (this month we will interpret Chery 2018 new programs), after selling Kayee, qoros, day a stable and come up with a new brand, the Czech Republic.


The trajectory of the JAC and Chery, also almost. A few years ago, you see the SUV sales charts, JAC refine S2, refine S3 ranked 10, refine series is stable MPV sales forefront. But in recent years, the development of Jianghuai Automobile is frustrated, heavily built SUV- refine S72017 in December monthly sales of only 1542 units, not even the qoros 5 high sales.


So, we have a big problem. After the publication of the 2018 new programs in Jianghuai, launched a series of new models, more worthy of recommendation is not to find the car.



It is worth looking forward to the new car:


At present, the new plan in 2018, JAC, DaTouZhen models are iEVA50 models, a car.



IEVA50 is not only the new energy this year to launch the first pure electric vehicles, but also the first A-class electric vehicles. The new car will be divided into three different dynamic configuration version, operating mileage were 310km, 330km and 400km.


The iEVA50 pure electric car is likely to create 2016 Jianghuai based on the overall design of Jianghuai and reserves. Body size, car length and breadth were 4590*1765*1490mm, wheelbase 2710mm, positioning compact.


In order to occupy the market, iEVA50 will be divided into three versions for sale, rental, home version of the standard version and the domestic long distance version, the shortest mileage vehicles equipped with a maximum power of 116 HP motor, lithium iron phosphate battery 47kWh, operating mileage of 310km, mainly used for future rental market, other models mileage is 330km, 400km.


There is not much mileage in the compact car 400 kilometers, if the can give a reasonable price, but also has a rental version of the bonus, does not seem to be much of a problem in sales.


However, although the Huaihe is one of the earliest launch pure electric vehicle products business, but two years ago, mainly concentrated in the small pure electric vehicles. The Huaihe iEVA50 also launched a direct challenge to BYD, BAIC and geely. At present, BYD and Geely can determine the new electric compact car will also be listed in 2018, operating mileage can reach 400km. Compared with Geely and BYD this reputation, the future of iEVA50 is also facing little competition.


Not worth looking forward to the new car:


It can be seen that the JAC in 2018 the main field of new energy, a variety of new models launched, only a conventional vehicle, and is the better at MPV market. So, new energy new energy play, if an electric car mileage is only 150 kilometers, you will not frown?



For example, the iEV7E of the car, which refine S2mini to build models based on the expected launch time (low) and (high) two versions, suspected the price of 12.15-13.15 million. That is to say, the actual price of entry to 100 thousand.


The size is small, the length is less than 4 meters, the wheelbase is less than 2.5 meters, the concrete is 3775*1685*1575mm, wheelbase 2390mm. Where is the core of the electric vehicle battery life problems, according to the current message iEV7E is only about 152 kilometers of pure electric mileage in the fast charge mode, the battery charging from 0 to 80% to 1 hours.


So the question is, it can't run a little farther, little space of electric vehicles, the purchase of city competitiveness is not enough, not to limit the purchase of the city will not be considered, it should be sold?


The other car:


Indeed, the new energy vehicles will hit in 2018, but the traditional models did not say let go. In Jianghuai planning in 2018, a total of two cars and gasoline related, a version of the JAC Baojun 730, another is the main product, the hybrid version of sales dismal JAC refine S7.


Gao Fangbao Chun 730- JAC refine R3



Jac refine R3 is actually after the exposure of the new refine M2 models, the Guangzhou auto show in 2017, JAC refine R3 models officially released debut. The new car is positioned as a MPV models, the new car is equipped with 1.6L naturally aspirated engine.



The baopingkou aside family design, you will suddenly find that, in the new Jianghuai MPV, everything is at present this level. - Baojun 730 to do. The size of 4750*1835*1773mm, wheelbase 2760mm, both on the Baojun 730. While the design, mainly shape and treasure sideways and rear Chun spirit.



In the control area,??? It is a Po Chun 730. Combination suspension control screen and buttons, like. The powertrain of 1.6L naturally aspirated +5 speed manual gearbox, also like.


In fact, in the MPV market, the leader for many years, but until now introduced a cheaper compact MPV more civilian, this time is already late. The accumulation of reputation as Bao Jun, Changan, even as BYD. However, the car may give a more appropriate price, if so, the market is still playing.


Refine S7 hybrid version



A hybrid version of the appearance and the ordinary version is basically the same, with some features of representative hybrid identity. The main change is the driving force, from the available information, refine the S7 hybrid version will be equipped with a hybrid system consists of a 1.5TGDI direct injection turbocharged engine and a permanent magnet synchronous motor 20kW and the capacity of three yuan for the lithium battery consists of 6Ah, the maximum comprehensive power of 170 horsepower, matching 6 speed DCT dual clutch gearbox.


The car will be launched, and BYD, SAIC SUV models to seize the market, the car market to sell fuel anyway is not good, not to the new field of energy.





IEV6ES can be seen as iEV6E upgrade products, mainly to enhance vehicle mileage, refine S2mini building based on which, after the upgrade will let iEV6ES have more than at the micro electric vehicle mileage, the car is divided into two versions, a working life of 260km, another condition endurance of up to 310km.





The iEVA60 is an electric version of Jianghuai A60, positioned as a large car, pure electric version of the A6L version of Audi, ask you not surprise surprise, do not stimulate the spurs. This product is actually selling the significance is not large, is more and try the test of the market.


The new plan of the remaining two products, Iev7s, Iev7 long range version, is to upgrade the existing models, mileage increased to 300 kilometers.


Steam field summary:


The network popular saying "some people walk is lost"


The feeling is that now, in January 2018 sales data has been released, JAC has fallen, output 55797 units, down 7.27%; sales of 52435 vehicles, down 13.60%.


In 2017, the big diving in sales and profits. In 2018 the mass of new energy products, the car will also be put on the market in large quantities. The careful analysis of 2018, you will find that it seems to create a new model of car circle survival, OEM mode.



In fact, the 2018 and the public is the highlight of cooperation, the first new energy vehicles are not from the public, but the new energy technology. Of course, if the passenger mix is not good, at least in the field of commercial vehicles can come back. But, this is not always what the long-term plan, if not by the joint venture to learn techniques, and mass flow, get resources.


Jianghuai Automobile industry will become China Foxconn? OEM capability is extremely strong, but its core has gradually lost.

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