[film]: "Siam will foresee: Nine armor of God"

2018-01-19 22:25

Thailand explosion animation film "Siam: Nine God armor" (The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra) landed in Thailand theater on January 11th, Thursday opened the first week at the box office is as high as 70 million baht at the box office, breaking last year's hit "genius gunman" the first week of the 38 million baht record, and beat the same file of Hollywood blockbusters, such as "rescue", Hollywood commuter movie starring Dwayne Johnson "brave game: Battle of the jungle", the Thailand summit local week box office, shirupozhu. The film grossed more than 10 million baht a day weekend, far more than the second "game of the brave" in 2 million, following the "genius gunman", is expected to create a Thailand film box office records.

It is reported that "Siam is the God of War: Nine armor" was not only a native of Thailand TOP animation team, for the first time invited Hollywood team, full blast. Break the traditional setting, P story, Hollywood level production standards makes the film released after full mouth overflowing, hard to get a vote, IMDB score up to 8.6 points, more than last year in Asia from the "genius gunman" 7.8 points, more foreign media will become the "Thailand animation film light".

"Siam is the God of War: Nine armor" tells the story of the young otter blood Muay Thai adventure story, focusing on the Thai culture at the same time, into the "Nine God armor" fantasy set. The film also added a lot of China elements, women set is Betty Chinese, in the film the whole Chinese said, visible impact on Asia China culture in recent years. The "Siam verdict: Nine God of war armor" animated film deus ex, released a week at the box office and word of mouth are broken "gunman" genius records, the film is a large increase in the number of references to China culture, the film is expected to once again become a phenomenon in Chinese even global Thailand animation film explosion.

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